Statistically, 1,5% of American children born by means of IVF procedure

In 2013 more then 1,5% of American children were born with the help of IVF procedure. Such data are contained in the report of Community’s help to reproductive technologies of the USA.

Every year the number of children born after IVF increases constantly in the USA. So, in 2013 already 1,5% of all kids were born after IVF procedure and the number of twins and triplets considerably decreased.  In 2013 approximately 174 962 of IVF attempts were setup , which led to the birth of 63 286 children, as it is informed in the report.  According to forecasts of experts, the percentage of similar children will grow gradually, and will soon compare with the number of traditional conception.

These indicators (realization of IVF and productivity) show insignificant growth in comparison with similar data of 2012. Almost all these children were conceived by means of IVF procedure and less than 1% were born thanks to the technology of transfer of gametes into uterine tube or transfer of zygotes into uterine tube, which are more invasive, than IVF procedure.

The greatest success of in vitro fertilization is observed in young women before 35. In this age group, women use their own eggs, that lead to 40% of successful conceptions. In case when women used their frozen eggs the level of success reached 44%. However with woman’s age increment the coefficient of success has been decreasing. So, in age group from 38 to 40 it fell to 35%, in women from 41 to 42 to 31%, and in women after 43 year’s old to 21%.